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Long ago, there was a war between mankind and a race of giants known as the Zentradi. Mankind, threatened with extinction during, its first encounter with extra-terrestrial life, entrusted its future to expansion into the universe and set sail in search of new worlds across the galaxy.

Faced with the near extinction of humanity, the United Nations Government built colonization fleet to carry humans across the stars, the “Humanity Seeding Project” ensuring the survival of the Human species would never again hinge upon the fate of a single planet.

The first of these colonization fleets was the Super Long Range Emigration Fleet Number One which launched on September 2012 carrying some 25,000 colonists aboard the first of the Megaroad class colonization vessels Megaroad-01. More colonization fleets followed in 2013 (one such fleet discovering and colonizing planet Eden) and by 2030, the enormous New Macross Class Colonization Fleets departed carrying in excess of one million people.

It is a time of unparalleled growth, as colony fleets trail blaze paths across the trackless void, a tireless exodus shepherded across the universe by the men and women of the UN SPACY, a thin line of Humans, Zentradi and Zolans who have taken it upon themselves to prevent civilization and culture from vanishing like a guttering candle into the dark. Arrayed against them are Anti-UN rebels, rogue Zentradi fleets and far darker things which were already ancient when the galaxy was young.

Welcome to the frontier.

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