A Setting Timeline

A Macross Timeline
500,000 BC
An ancient space-faring civilization known as the Protoculture begin colonization of the Milky Way Galaxy and uplifting the various species they encounter. The Protoculture establish a Stellar Republic, policed by the Zentradi, a clone race of soldiers.

Protoculture research accidentally draws the attention of a race of extra dimensional beings known as the Protodevlin, which feed on the emotional essence of sentient beings. Protoculture citizens brainwashed by these entities form a renegade splinter faction known as the Supervision Army. The resulting civil war tears the Stellar Republic apart and the Protoculture are subsequently hunted to extinction by their formerly loyal military.

Fearing resurgence of the Protodevlin, the now leaderless Zentradi make extermination of the Supervision Army their top priority.

1999 AD:
Wreckage of a Supervision Army warship crash lands on Earth. The United Nations dubs the warship the Alien Starship One (ASS-1) and initiates a recovery operation. Salvaged technology from the wreck, known colloquially as OverTechnology, is reverse engineered by the Earth governments, leading to the creation of the Variable Fighter, a transformable mecha. The hull of the alien warship is rebuilt as the Macross, the lead ship in the U.N. Space Forces Navy (U.N. Spacy). Humanity, realizing it is not alone in the universe, braces for an encounter with intelligent life.

2008 AD:
World War III breaks out between the United Nations and the Anti-U.N. Coalition of Nations over unfair distribution of OverTechnology. Variable Fighters and Destroid mecha, originally stockpiled to defend against an alien threat, are pressed into service as weapons of war instead.

A Protoculture legacy weapon known in classified records as the “Bird Human” is accidentally activated during the fighting. It is thankfully deactivated, though not before inflicting horrendous losses on both U.N. and A.U.N. forces in the area.

2009 AD:
The Zentradi Adoclas fleet arrives in the Solar System to investigate signals detected when the Macross is reactivated. They are fired upon by the U.N. Spacy, leading to Space War I. In its first sortie, the Macross’ fold engines catastrophically misfire, leaving them and a city full of civilians stranded near Pluto. The Macross limps back to Earth on conventional engine power.

2012 AD:
Despite attempts to capture the Macross, the Zentradi Adoclas fleet fails to do so. In the process, they are exposed to Human culture, including idol singer Lynn Minmei, which proves simultaneously disorienting and confusing to a warrior race segregated along gender lines. Discontent grows in the Zentradi fleet.

Fearing contamination by the “Protoculture”, the Zentradi fleet supreme commander Golg Bodolza opts to sterilize Earth from orbit. A significant proportion of the Zentradi fleet is overcome by emotions for the first time and opts to defect during the climactic battle over Earth. The Macross penetrates the Zentradi flagship’s defences and terminates its commander, ending Space War I.

2014 AD:
After embracing rampant cloning to bring population levels back up from near extinction levels, Humanity sets about rebuilding of Earth collaboratively with the Zentradi. Fearing that the Earth itself has become the critical point of failure for the species, the U.N. Government begins the Deep Space Colonization Program, designed to ensure that the loss of a single planet, even one as important as Earth, will not lead to species extinction.

The first colony fleet led by the Megaroad-01 Colony Ship leaves Earth commanded by Captain Misa Hayase. Her husband, Hikaru Ichijyo commands the Megaroad’s fighter wing. Departing with the fleet is wartime idol singer Lynn Minmei.

2030 AD:
The first New Macross class colony ship departs Earth.

As the Megaroad class colony ship was deemed overly vulnerable to enemy attack, the New Macross class, was designed to dock with a heavily armed Battle class fleet carrier, a dreadnought mounting a heavy quantum cannon.

203X AD:
U.N. deep space expeditions discover the planet Zola. The Zolans, humanoid natives of the planet are, like humans, discovered to have been uplifted and engineered by the Protoculture.

2040 AD:
An attempt to create a self-aware artificial intelligence leads the ‘Sharon Apple Incident’ where Earth’s defence grid is hijacked by an out-of-control AI patterned on a virtual singer named Sharon Apple. ‘Sharon’ is destroyed by the collaborative efforts of test pilots Guld Bowman and Isamu Dyson, though not before Guld is forced to resort to Kamikaze tactics to bring down a drone fighter containing a chunk of Sharon’s AI. The aftermath of the incident leads to severe restrictions in AI research.

2045 AD:
In a conflict subsequently referred to as the “Protodevlin War”, The Macross 5 and Macross 7 colony fleets are drawn into battle with the Varauta Army, brainwashed colonist controlled by the resurgent Protodevlin. In a massive conflict involving almost the entirety of the Macross 5 and Macross 7 defence fleets, the Varauta Army is defeated and their Protodevlin masters depart the galaxy.

2050 AD:
The Macross 12 fleet, headed by its flagship, the New Macross class colony ship Pioneer approaches the Outer Arm spiral of the Milky Way galaxy.  

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A Setting Timeline

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