Dice and Resolution

Going To Dice
A roll is used to determine whether or not an important action attempted by the pilot succeeds or fails. To make a roll, roll a number of dice equal to whichever stat is relevant to the situation. During the pilot’s personal scenes, use the pilot’s relevant stat. During combat, when the pilot is operating his mecha, use the relevant linked stat.

Any dice that come up equal to or lower than the level of the pilot’s relevant skill are considered “successes.” The more successes you roll, the better the outcome of your pilot’s action.

Ones Explode
Any die that come up as “1” counts as a success and is then re-rolled (possibly generating more successes).

Great Success!
Whenever a player rolls five or more successes on a roll (before spending Overdrive), he gains a point of Overdrive. This represents a particularly lucky or skillful performance by the pilot. The Gamemaster also collects a point of Overdrive whenever he rolls a Great Success for one of his NPCs.

Cut Scenes
During the combat sequence, if any character rolls 8 or more successes (before spending Overdrive) on any roll, he receives a Cut Scene. The player who made the roll should describe his mecha doing some particularly cool stunt or maneuver. At that point, the player can immediately take an extra action (Move or Attack). If this extra action is used to make an attack, optimal range penalties do not apply to the roll (though weapon cool down still counts).

Overdrive is the most important resource in the game. Characters earn Overdrive through suceeding at social scenes and rolling Great Successes. A point of Overdrive can be spent at any time to gain an extra success on a roll. There is no limit to the number of Overdrive that can be spent on a given roll. Even more importantly, all Configurations cost 1 Overdrive to activate.

Each player starts the game with one point of Overdrive. The Gamemaster starts the game with a number of Overdrive equal to the number of players minus one.

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Dice and Resolution

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