GM Notes

I like the MECHA RPG system as the system was built to be a collaborative storytelling system where both the players and GM can work together to tell a story rather than the relationship being an adversarial one.

For this particular reason, City One is a blank slate. While I do have a fully mapped out setting in my head, I structured my geography with plenty of space for player contributions. Got a favorite restaurant you want added? Sure! A street or building you think would be interesting? I’ll pencil it in.

As long as it isn’t too outlandish, I’m game for a lot of things, so if you want to make your mark on the setting, feel free to ask. Worst I can say is “No” (and you lose nothing by asking).

Same thing goes with NPCs. I have a cast of dozens rattling around my noggin, but if you want to add more, shoot me a description and we’ll see what we can bash together.

It’s a huge domed city in a bottle travelling through space – plenty of room for creativity, folks.

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GM Notes

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