Mecha Models

Developed by humanity after recovering the wreck of the original ASS-1 (Alien StarShip – 1), humankind took a very different approach to mecha design. While most other alien designs – such as those employed by the Zentradi and Meltrandi which were a single configuration mecha – Variable Fighters are, as their name suggests, capable of switching between multiple (typically three) configurations.

The primary mecha designs in service in the Macross Pioneer fleet is the VF-11 Thunderbolt, supported by the VF-17 Nightmare, which is primarily a special operations fighter and the VA-3M Invader, which serves as a the main ordnance delivery platform. The SW-XAII Schneegans is a new design which is close to roll-out and currently undergoing evaluation in test squadrons.

Northrom Grumman VA-3M Invader
Shinsei Industry VF-11C Super Thunderbolt
Shinsei Industry VF-11C AWACS Thunderbolt
General Galaxy VF-17D Nightmare
General Galaxy VF-17D Nightmare Radome
General Galaxy VF-17D Nightmare Sniper
Messer Mikoyan SW-XAII Schneegans

GMs Note – Transformer

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Mecha Models

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