Races of the Galaxy

Humanity fell on hard times during Space War 1, experiencing a near-extinction event during the Zentradi bombardment of Earth. Though survivors were discovered, the largest single population remained the civilian population of the SDF-1 Macross who had escaped the bombardment unscathed. Following Space War I, humanity enthusiastically embraced cloning in an effort to repopulate the human race following near extinction of the species in the final days of the war. Much of the newly cloned population also served as citizens aboard colonization fleets. Mass cloning began in May 2010 but was ceased in December of 2030 due to an increase in hereditary disease brought about from the overuse of cloning.

A race of giant humanoid beings (on average five times the size of a human) genetically created by the Protoculture as weapons of warfare. The Zentradi fought a war against the Supervision Army of the Protodevlin, a war so devastating it resulted in both the defeat of the Supervision Army and the destruction of the entire Galactic Republic of the Protoculture. After the war, the Zentradi continued a search and destroy mission throughout the galaxy for Supervision Army survivors and during this mission encountered humans in 2009, leading to the events of Space War 1.

As they were bred to be warriors, the Zentradi have a very potent fighting instinct that makes them generally predisposed towards violence. Originally Zentradi came from cloning matrices and did not reproduce sexually; in fact, the very idea/display of males and females together in an intimate manner tended to give rise to extreme fear and confusion in Zentrans, though this taboo has long since disappeared among the population living within U.N. space.

The term Zentradi is still utilized as a species name to refer to both Zentrans (male) and Meltrans (female). However, the terms Meltrandi and Meltran are also still used to differentiate the female Zentradi and the word “Meltrandi” is still used to describe a female Zentradi as both female and as a different species than human (despite the near 100% genetic similarity with humans).

Zolans are the native humanoid residents of the planet Zola, a world very recently discovered by the UN Spacy’s deep space expeditions. Like humans and Zentradi, Zolans are another race engineered by the Protoculture. Zolans possess elongated and pointed ears and a two-tone hair color with their bangs being a totally different (and usually much brighter) color than the rest of their hair. As well, male Zolans have large patches of hair that run along their forearms and cover the back of their hands. Genetically engineered from a marsupial species, Zolans were initially thought to be genetically incompatible with humans, though subsequent cross breeding between the species has proven this incorrect. Nevertheless, these cross species pregnancies are often difficult and complications are not uncommon.

Many Zolans possess a near symbiotic psychic rapport with cat-snake, a two foot long, furry, tan-coloured snake which seldom leaves their side. These snakes possess three eyes, two on the side with the third in the centre of the forehead.

As a relatively newly discovered and out of the way world, Zola tends to receive very little notice from the UN Spacy. Most of the world remains in the equivalent of the post-industrial era — the exception being a local UN Spacy base with Overtechnology level tech. This has given some Zolans the impression of being neglected or shunned by their newfound allies. Still, some have found their way into space and subsequently onto colony fleets.

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Races of the Galaxy

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