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While a long running series like Macross has its share of lore which might be daunting to a player, here are a selection of scenes from the various series, which the GM feels captures at some central thematic of the franchise.

I do however recommend some viewer discretion regarding Guld Bowman’s death. The effects of extreme g-forces are not pretty.

2008 – World War III
Features the transformation sequence for the VF-0 Phoenix Variable Fighter as well as a combat sequence between it and the Anti-U.N. SV-51.

2009 – The Zentradi Fleet Arrives And The Macross Undergoes A Catastrophic Misfold
The SDF Macross, flagship of the U.N. Space Fleet comes under attack and attempts a space fold inside Earth’s gravity well, causing the ship to defold well off course.

2012 – The Final Battle Over Earth
A significant proportion of the Zentradi fleet is overcome by emotions for the first time and opts to defect in the climatic battle over Earth. The SDF Macross penetrates the Zentradi flagship’s defences and terminates its commander, ending Space War I.

2014 – The Megaroad Colony Fleet Departs Earth
Wartime idol singer Lynn Minmei reminiscences over the reconstruction of Earth while boarding the Megaroad-01 Colony Ship leaving Earth. The fleet is commanded by Captain Misa Hayase. Her husband, Hikaru Ichijyo commands the Megaroad’s fighter wing.

2040 – Isamu Dyson Engages Rogue Zentradi Elements
Though a good proportion of the Zentradi sought integration, there would always be iconoclasts who fought humanity at every turn. With thousands of Zentradi fleets spread across the galaxy, the UN Spacy has been forced on many occasions to fend off these “uncultured” fleets through force of arms.

2040 – Guld Bowman Dies Ramming The Ghost X-9 Drone Fighter
An attempt to create a self aware artificial intelligence leads the ‘Sharon Apple Incident’ where Earth’s defence grid is hijacked by an out-of-control AI patterned on a virtual singer named Sharon Apple. ‘Sharon’ is destroyed by the collaborative efforts of test pilots Guld Bowman and Isamu Dyson, though not before Guld is forced to resort to kamikaze tactics to bring down a drone fighter containing a chunk of Sharon’s AI. The aftermath of the incident leads to severe restrictions in AI research.

2059 – Daily Civilian Life Aboard The Macross Frontier
For the average civilian aboard a Macross colonization fleet, life proceeds as it would back on Earth. Each colony fleet possesses both a Military commander and a Civilian government, the latter of which works exceedingly hard to maintain a veneer of normalcy for the colonists.

2059 – The Battle Frontier Engages A Vajra Hive Fleet
Deciding the Megaroad class colony ship was overly vulnerable to enemy attack, its successor launched in 2030, the New Macross class, was designed to dock with a Battle class fleet carrier, a dreadnought mounting a heavy quantum cannon. Like the Macross before it, the Battle class ships were transformable warships.

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