The 42nd Long-Distance Colony Fleet

Commanded by Captain Thomas Zhang, the 42nd Long Range Colonization Fleet fleet left the Solar System in the year 2042, bound for the Outer Arm spiral of the Milky Way galaxy. Led by the UNS Pioneer, the second last ship in the New Macross class before it was superseded by the massive colonization ships of the Island Cluster class, the 42nd fleet is home to a population mixed population of colonists drawn from Human, Zentradi and Zolan stock.

Lacking the massive sprawl of the later Island Cluster class has kept the populace of the colony fleet exclusively miclone, with smaller populations found aboard the attendant Einstein, Sunnyflower, Three Star and Hollywood class fleet support ships. The Civilian UN Government aboard the Pioneer is headed by President Weisheng Yu.

Civilian Fleet Composition
UNS Pioneer – New Macross Class Colony Ship
UNS Nikola Tesla – Einstein Class Research Ship
UNS Broadway - Hollywood Class Communications Ship
UNS Banaue – Sunnyflower Class Agriculture Ship
UNS Shenzhen - Three Star Class Factory Ship

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The 42nd Long-Distance Colony Fleet

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