The UN Spacy Escort Fleet

The U.N. Military has been Earth’s first and last line of defence since the end of the Unification Wars on Earth. The U.N. forces are broken into several branches, with the U.N. Spacy (a portmanteau of Space and Navy) being the most famous. While the U.N. Army, Air force, and Navy are primarily focused on terrestrial defences both on Earth as well as other worlds, the U.N. Spacy and U.N. Marines are the forces typically deployed to actual space fleets. The Spacy oversees any and all space fleet activity, including both capital ships as well as space-based variable aircraft squadrons, while the Marine Corp remains responsible for deployment of the Destroid mecha.

Departing Earth in 2042, the Pioneer prominently still deploys the aging VF-11 Thunderbolt Variable Fighter as its primary fleet based interceptor. Though upgraded to the current VF-11C Super Thunderbolt standard, the aging airframe is still no match for the new advanced variable fighters entering service. To compensate for this, the Pioneer fleet has begun a massive modernization program, transitioning senior squadrons to the VF-17 Nightmare and initiating shakedown trials of the SW-XAII Schneegans, though a full upgrade is only expected to be completed within the next five to seven years.

Likewise, the 42nd fleet has also suffered slightly due to its distance from Earth and the colonies – long overdue for a fleet rotation, the Pioneer Fleet is only beginning to receive its complement of new Uraga Class Battle Carriers to replace the oldest of its Guantánamos. Nevertheless, the arrival of the Ark Royal, a brand new Saratoga class fleet carrier and its complement of VF-19 Excaliburs and VA-3M Invaders has gone a long way to shoring up the Pioneer fleet’s dated arsenal.

42nd Long-Distance Colony Escort Fleet
UNS Battle Pioneer – Battle Class Transforming Space Attack Carrier
UNS Britai Kridanik – Neo Nupetiet-Vergnitzs bis Class Stealth Fleet Command Battleship
UNS Ark Royal - Saratoga Class Fleet Carrier
4 Uraga Class Battle Carriers
15 Guantánamo Class Stealth Escort Carriers
8 Daedalus II Class Cruisers
38 Northampton Class Stealth Frigates
2 Valhalla III Class Stealth Strike Carriers

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The UN Spacy Escort Fleet

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